Need A Wheelchair? Two Reasons To Get A Lightweight Model

Whether you are temporarily disabled due to an accident or have a permanent disability, purchasing a wheelchair can be a wonderful gift to give to yourself. Your limitations no longer have to stop you because you're able to use the power of the wheelchair to access some of the same places you used to frequent. There are many different kinds of wheelchairs on the market, each having its own set of benefits and perks. As you are surveying the available options, see why your best bet might be a lightweight model that is designed for people weighing 250 pounds and under.

Lightweight Wheelchairs Are Easy To Lift And Carry

It's one thing to sit in your wheelchair and use it to get around. This is the purpose of the device so it is what readily comes to mind. What you may not be thinking about is how easy it will be to lift and carry a wheelchair. You may have a caregiver who will take you to your doctor's appointments and assist you as you go out for errands. Will the wheelchair be light enough for that person to pick it up, fold it and place it into a van or other waiting vehicle? Choosing a heavy-duty chair might seem like the ideal option but when you factor in the times when you'll have to transport your wheelchair you can begin to understand why a lightweight variety is a better choice.

Lightweight wheelchairs usually fold in a matter of seconds. Instead of being heavy and cumbersome, a lightweight version is sleek and it should be fairly easy for the average, able-bodied adult to get the unit into a bus or car without too much struggle.

Lightweight Wheelchairs Navigate With The Touch Of A Button

You want your wheelchair to be swift and nimble, able to glide along the sidewalk or through your house quickly and easily. This is what you should expect when buying a wheelchair designed for people 250 pounds or less. The wheelchair normally has an intuitive joystick you can operate with a gentle touch from your fingers. No need to burden yourself down with a hulking wheelchair that seems like it takes an army to move!

A great wheelchair can improve your quality of life in significant ways. Check out the options in lightweight wheelchairs and select the fabric and colors you like for a truly customized fit.

For more information, contact a retailer that has 250 lbs and under power wheelchairs.

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