Common Myths About Selling Diabetes Test Strips For Cash

The average individual who has diabetes is often recommended to test their blood sugar levels at least once a day, but some may need to test their levels up to seven times in a single day. If you are diabetic and you have previously had to test your levels quite frequently but then start to see more stable blood glucose levels, you may end up with extra test strips on hand. You may actually be able to sell your extra blood sugar testing supplies for cash, but there are myths about this process that should be eliminated first.

Myth: It is illegal to sell your test strips.

It is not illegal to sell your test strips even if they were paid for by your private insurance. The only exception is testing supplies covered by a government-funded health insurance programs like Medicaid. However, it is not illegal to sell them; most companies simply will not buy the brands that are typically covered by these plans.

Myth: Most companies will only buy the biggest name brands in test strips. 

The testing strips you have may not be from a big-name manufacturing company, but that does not mean that they are not in-demand just the same. There is a market for just about all types of diabetic testing strips. 

Myth: You have to pay to ship your test strips. 

You won't have to pay to ship your testing supplies to the buyer in most cases. The company will usually send you a postage-paid container or envelope to send them your testing supplies, and some companies will have you pay for shipping, but then they will reimburse that cost to you with your payment. 

Myth: Most places will only give you a few dollars for your test strips. 

The amount you are given for your unused test strips will depend on what brand they are, if they are in high demand, and how long they are from the expiration date. Most companies will pay more than a few dollars for the test strips you have because they are worth more than that.

Find Out More About Selling Your Diabetes Test Strips 

If you do have extra packages of diabetic testing supplies around, selling them can put some extra cash in your pocket and help someone get the supplies they need for a good price. Reach out to a test strip buyer like American Medical Surplus for more information or to clear up any questions you may have about the process. 

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